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Spectacular Cultural Middle Eastern and Belly Dance Revues For Dinner Theater, Fundraisers, Cultural Art, Museums, Festivals, Expos, Theme Parties, Celebrations, Corporate, Clubs, Events, Clubs, Parties, Celebrations, Corporate, Clubs, Events, Parties.


Surprise your loved ones with a tasteful, exciting, and authentic Belly Dance at your location, event, or party. Great for birthdays, anniversary, retirement, bachelorette and showers, etc.

Each dancer will honor your loved one and entertain your guests with gentle audience participation. Shows are from 5 minutes to 1 hour.

Fees according to show length and location.

Sample fees; 5 Min $75, 10 Min $100, 20 Min $150, 30 min $200, Travel Beyond 1/2 hour is $25 per 1/2 hour. (No men only parties). 


Staged performances by one or more dancers featuring authentic Middle Eastern Dance; Folkloric, Cabaret, Historical, Seminars and productions. Great for Corporate, Schools, Libraries, Museums, Festivals, Fund Raisers, Parades, Public Relations, etc. Custom Designed for your event. Thanks again for your wonderful entertainment



Women Only Parties for Adults and Children

For Grown Up Ladies choose Goddess Parties to celebrate women at Bachlorette Parties, Showers, Birthdays, or any other event. Includes Dress Up wiour choice of veils, coin belts and/or zils

Learn How To Belly Dance for your Special One and everyone gets to dance as an Egyptian Goddess of the Pharonic Period. Can include a show also for your guests with DVD and gift props (extra)

For Little Ladies, age 5 to 13. I Dream of Genie parties will entertain and please all your little ladies who would dream of learning a little belly dance appropriate for children. Will include (extra) hip belts, music, finger cymbals, veils. At the beautifully decorated Tapestry Academy or your private location. Shows are 1/2 hour to 1 hour. Fee is per child, minimum 6. A party they will remember always. They will learn a little dance that they will perform at end.

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