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Celebrated Dancer / Master Teacher Amara Al Amir is reknown for her mastery of Egyptian Classical Orientale. Residing now and teaching at her Tapestry Belly Dance Academy in NC, Amara for more than thirty years in New York, Amara achieved recognition and represented Egyptian Dance from the NY Egyptian Cultural Society of the United Nations and the Egyptian Division of Tourism. As a principal dancer of the NY Club Ibis and other top Arabic Nightclubs, Amara will teach the a modern Egyptian Orientale combining elements and qualities of the Dance Stars of the Golden Era with today's upbeat dance Shaabi styles.

Amara conversational dance style combines both the nuances of musical accents and dancing on the half beat, the secret to the Egyptian Dance Language. Easy to learn in Amara's warm and articulate teaching style, you will approach your own dancing with a new sense of style, elegance, humor and pizzazz. Here is a link to a youtube study of Ya Nawem by Amara Al Amir demonstrating the various approaches to only one song that is a classic.

Feel stuck in a rut and want to step into modern Egyptian dance, Amara will dazzle you with new movements and steps researched and not seen before yet remain true to their cultural heritage. Amara Al Amir is the founder of MEDLS... Middle Eastern Dance Leaders Society that recognizes and promotes the dance leaders of Middle Eastern Dance around the world.

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