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"From the time I first met her twenty years ago, I have found Amara al-Amir to be one of the most intuitive dancers I have ever seen. There are so few dancers who can combine all the most important aspects of dance. Few have the ability to relate to the music, relate to the audience and relate to the feeling of the dance in such an intimate way. Her graceful movements captivate male and female alike, evoking admiration and joy. Few professionals reach the height of understanding of their craft in such a way as to draw the audience in so effortlessly. While I know personally how much effort and how many years she has trained and studied, the ease of her performances disguise that fact. What seemed like an unattainable dance like a top native Middle Eastern dancer has become a dazzling reality. Amara's success is an inspiration to all, no matter what our profession." Anne Webb (Owner/Booking Director "The Talent Express/NY") 


"Members of Amara's classes of Middle Eastern dance found the artform of dance a beneficial form of exercise. Attendance in her classes built quickly and remained consistently high. Exploration of movement origin in terms of authenticity and the historical natural development of movement were also included in the syllabus of this course. We highly recommend Amara as an instructor in this dance form."...Sylvia Berstein, Director, Selfhelp Community Services.


"Please accept my appreciation for the truly outstanding dance performances you presented at the International Dance Festival at Firello H. LaGuardia Community College. My compliments to you for a job well done. a program, as the one you presented should be seen in all schools."...Dehlly Porrara, International Dance Festival, LaGuardia College NY.

My Mission

Amara has spent a lifetime across all aspects of Belly Dance. Of Egyptian descent she focuses her work on workshops, events and classes that communicate the Art of Egyptian Dance knowledge around the world. How wonderful to learn about Belly Dance as a performance art with a cultural heritage, as fun and for health, as a means to income and more.

Amara’s resources and calendars are carefully planned to provide a layering of skill, technique, information, history an absolute unlimited possibilities and experiences.

“I strive and only hope to provide an experience to our clients and students that will be remembered and are most proud of when they look back at their life. What this lifetime of work has accomplished for me personally in body, mind and soul is what I most want to share with others” Amara Al Amir

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My Mother's Poem

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