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"Amara is an incredible teacher. No matter what your level is- she will find an exclusive approach to improve your skills. Her lessons are amazing and fun journeys into a magical world of oriental dance. It is surprising how much you are able to grow and learn when the process is so enjoyable .She not only teaches exquisite technique, but also concentrates on other important aspects that are necessary to become a well rounded dancer: history of dance, facial expression, public interaction , costume coaching, etc. Her tremendous performing experience makes her invaluable treasure of information. There is no other teacher who shares her skills with such attention to detail and passion."...Tatiana, Belly Dance Divas, Tapestry Academy, NY

"Amara had a way of knowing to look for, detect, and correct the problems that came up when I just couldn't do certain moves. She showed me different moves and created choreographies that I can still use today in my dance. She introduced me to a lot of wonderful Middle-Eastern music. I owe a lot of my development to her. I consider her to this day to be my teacher and my friend. studied with Amara Al Amir privately and in her classes when she was in the New York area. I was still very new to Mid-East dance and with very little other types of dance training. She showed much love, warmth, humor, and patience. She made our lessons and classes fun and challenging. Thank you Amara. Blessings," Levanah

 I've been thinking about you so much lately. I wish I had a good belly dance instructor to go to that's close by. It's frustrating. I need some technique classes and choreographies. Anyways, as usual, we all miss you! You will never be forgotten here in NYC....Delicia NY

Members of Amara's classes of Middle Eastern Dance found the artform of dance a beneficial form of exercise. Attendance in her classes built quickly and remained consistently high. Exploration of movement origin in terms of authenticity and the historical natural development of movment were also included in the syllabus of these courses. We highly recommend Amara as an instructor in this dance form...Sylvia Bernstein Director, Selfhelp Community Services.

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