Tapestry Belly Dance NC

       The Art Of Belly Dance with Amara Al Amir 

Meet Our Beautiful Tapestry Dancers
All of our dancers are personally trained by
Amara Al Amir at Tapestry Academy in the performance Art of Belly Dance. Many years of preparations go into learning their art and costumes and performances are spectacular. 

Amara Al Amir  is certainly one of the most glamorous and expressive dance artists in America today. Amara’s joyful dancing plus her full range of inventive steps, moods and styles emerges as one of the most magnetic and tantalizing dance experiences you will ever witness...Chauncey Howell, Channel 5 TV News .   

“Amara’s talent and creativity were clearly noticed. She did a great job choosing the music and choreography. I loved her graceful style and soft elegant movements. I felt I was watching one of the best dancers in Cairo”...Hamouda Ali, Violinist, Bandleader and was Music Arranger for Egyptian Club Ibis NYC, & Naqua Fouad Music Records.  



Jasmine is a principal dancer of the Tapestry Belly Dance World Artists's Productions for 4 years. She has trained for 10 years in the Oriental Art of Belly Dance in US and Korea  Dance and is an aspiring teacher specializing teaching Oriental Dance to Asians and Korean Dance to Americans in Raleigh, NC. Learn more about Jasmine click here.