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It is with great sadness and love that Serena Wilson, the most famous pioneer of Belly Dance in America, has passed away. I started with Serena in 1978 at her famous Studio in NYC. Serena changed my life as well as many other women's lives. I was fortunate to learn the Art of Belly Dance with Serena in the early years of my training. Her artistic and integrated approach to Belly Dance and Dance in general was a foundation that served me well for the next 31 years. Serena passed on Sunday, June 17, 2007 from a pulmonary embolism.

Please find a link to Serena Bio to learn more about Serena and her Studio

I spent 5 years at Serena Studio's taking every class she offered every day. I worked hard and became a professional in less than one year, thanks to Serena. I became a principal dancer in The Serena Dance Theatre which proved to be the best foundation for becoming a choreographer and learning how to bring Belly Dance to the Stage. Thanks to Serena, I was trained in The Serena Technique and was a teacher at her studio for a long time. Then moved onto teaching as a lifetime profession. I was fortunate to featured in her Video and first Book also. Serena provide the foundation that has provided a life time career for me and in turn pass onto my students her legacy forever.

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