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        Amara Al Amir 2003 at Katy Dalys Pt 1 Video Warda, Part 2 Betwanis Beek, Part 3 Cane


Amara Al Amir Body Mind Spirit Expo 2-22-15

Amara Al Amir Troy Mezza 4-18-15

Amara Al Amir 5-2-15 Olulu Olulu

Amara Al Amir in I Wanna Dance Drum Solo 5-2-15

Amara Al Amir Body Mind Spirit Expo 8-23-15

Amara Al Amir International Festival 10-11-15

Amara Al Amir in Ya Nawaem, Kaleidoscope 10-31-15 News & Observer Amara Video

Amara Amir Troy Mezza 11-14-15


5-7-17 Videos of Capital Towers Show w/Amara Al Amir & Tapestry for Mother's/Father's Day, Raleigh, NC (Wings, Orientale, Fan Veils, Cane, Gypsy/Fan, and more)


We are updating the store to incude these videos in the meantime

Purchase on all S&H free. Each Video is $25. Buy 4 get one free. Send funds to


Vol. 1 & 2 Journey along the Nile (39) Dances)

Vol. 1 & 2 Mosaic (41 Dances)

Program JATN V1 Program JATN V2

Program MOSAIC V1

Program MOSAIC V2

AMARA LIVE ..each video is 2 hours

Live Performances at Tapestry Galas

Vol. 1, 2002-2003

Youtube Highlights of V1

Vol 2, 2004-2005

Vol 3, The Early Years

Vol 4, 2007

Vol 5, 2008

Vol 6, 2011


1. Belly Dance Techniques 2 DVD Workshop Set (How to Belly Dance & Layering / Integration Shimmies & Vibrations)

2. Advanced Cane Techniques 3 DVD Workshop Set (A-to Z Cane Technique, Advanced Saidi Cane, Raks Asaya Choreography)

3. Balancing Props 4 DVD Workshop Set (Balancing Props A to Z, Layalina Candelabra, Alf Layla Sword & Candle Tray Dance)

4. Egyptian Pop Choreographies 4 DVD Workshop Set (Chicky D, Ana Ho, Habibi Alli & Esma Alli)

5. Gypsy Belly Dance Choreograpies 2 DVD Workshop Set (Gypsy Orientale, Gypsy Kashlimar w/Tambourine)

6. Advanced Multiple Veil Techniques

7. Fellaha Folkloric choreography DVD (El Helwa Balais)

7. Egyptian Orientale to Oum Koulson " Fakarouni" choreography DVD

9. Beledi Dance TO

Ala Nar Choreography


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