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What They Say About Us

 "Amara Al Amir is certainly one of the most glamorous and expressive dance artists in America today. Amara’s joyful dancing plus her full range of inventive steps, moods and styles emerges as one of the most magnetic and tantalizing dance experiences you will ever witness"

- Chauncey Howell, Channel 5 TV News

Pat YOURSELF of the back for their solid training. It's the real deal.

                               - Luci Jennings, Tapestry Perfomances at Shimmy For The Shelter

"Amara’s talent and creativity were clearly noticed. She did a great job choosing the music and choreography. I loved her graceful style and soft elegant movements. I felt I was watching one of the best dancers in Cairo"

- Hamouda Ali, Violinist, Bandleader and was Music Arranger for Egyptian

Club Ibis NYC, & Naqua Fouad Music Records 

"Probably the most unique solo was that performed by AMARA in which she emulates poses from the 18th Dynasty Egyptian Sculpture. The movements - reminiscent of poses on Egyptian friezes brought to live the art of the old world dynasty...and it it seemed the ultimate in control and balance"

-Jennie Schulman, Dance Editor, Dance Diary, Backstage Newspaper, NYC

"From the time I first met her twenty years ago, I have found Amara al-Amir to be one of the most intuitive dancers I have ever seen. There are so few dancers who can combine all the most important aspects of dance. Few have the ability to relate to the music, relate to the audience and relate to the feeling of the dance in such an intimate way. Her graceful movements captivate male and female alike, evoking admiration and joy. Few professionals reach the height of understanding of their craft in such a way as to draw the audience in so effortlessly. While I know personally how much effort and how many years she has trained and studied, the ease of her performances disguise that fact. What seemed like an unattainable dance like a top native Middle Eastern dancer has become a dazzling reality. Amara's success is an inspiration to all, no matter what our profession." 

-Anne Webb (Owner/Booking Director "The Talent Express/NY") 

I saw your Happy Thanksgiving email and followed the links on You Tube. I saw the performance. Very nice. And, I loved the ambiance and music too. Very classy! Nice to see that you're still doing what you love. You've spent so many years perfecting your craft. It's wonderful that you have an opportunity to shine and to share your love of it with others. You looked as if the music was lifting you almost off the floor. It was like you were lost in it. A wonderful feeling...

-Nerfertiti, Lorna Rainey

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