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Thank you so much for taking the time to produce and distribute your wonderful videos. After viewing the first 4 I purchased, I liked them so much I had to come back for more. The performance videos are great! They show a diverse range of styling and venues. Aside from the pure enjoyment of watching talented dancers, I've also learned a great deal from watching these.Your instructional and workshop videos provide a great amount of detail, instruction and explanation. My favorites are the Integrating & Layering Shimmies & Vibrations and the Cane Technique A-Z Workshops. They both pack a TON of information into 2 hours.You're an AWESOME lady and I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge!...Jami Chance

I found your videos and DVD's very informative with respect to a teaching value, putting together choreographies and costume ideas. They contain a wealth of information for teachers and students of the dance no matter what level. Thank you Amara...Marily (Ma'isha) Saint John, New Brunswich, Canada (Journey Along the Nile Vol 1 &@, Mosaic Vol 1 &@, Raks Al Asaya Vol 1 & 2)

" It is a really good instructional video. You don't just show a step and move on to something else, you go over it and explain it, and I like that you are up on a platform in front of a mirror. You come across as being warm and friendly, not aloof and that makes a big difference to students. You want the dancers to learn and it shows. I also liked the performance you did, it gave me encouragement, Thank you"...Deborah McDuffle, Montclair, NJ (Shimmies & Vibrations Workshop & Video) 

"I’ve loved your videos. They really are wonderful and have such a diverse assortment of artwork! Helpful in every way! I think that for dancers who would like to learn about folkoric styles, your products have incredible teaching value! "... Gina Capossela (Journey Along The Nile Volume 1 & 2, Mosaic Volume , Raks Al Asaya Vol 1 & 2)

I'm very thankful to have met you, been to your workshop, and have some of your DVDs...Jessica, Sameera Sheerah 

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